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SOMA Discussion - Spoilers

  • Information
    Posted on 01 July 22 at 00:00
    Welcome back to another TA Playlist month. Use this thread to speak freely about SOMA and assume anything goes in here.
  • Hurn WeaselHurn Weasel111,499
    Posted on 01 July 22 at 10:01
    Comment for badge
  • Posted on 01 July 22 at 10:11
    Don't think i've got this although it looks quite good
  • VirtuMintVirtuMint11,237
    Posted on 01 July 22 at 10:13
    No thanks, i will take the badge upgrade though
    Drink bleach
  • tim29990tim29990361,397
    Posted on 01 July 22 at 18:12
    Looks good, possible purchase
  • ZxReaperXxZxReaperXx444,470
    Posted on 01 July 22 at 22:16
    Anyone else wish a sequel would come out for SOMA it as very good
  • Posted on 01 July 22 at 22:31
    I completed SOMA recently. It had been in my backlog for quite awhile. I highly recommend the game. You must choose to either use the nice walkthrough (quicker completion but miss some of the story), or go it alone. Either way do it!!
    Gordon Bennett (yeah, that's my real name [some older Brits would understand that])
  • Posted on 04 July 22 at 18:13
    Completed this one quite a while ago, those of you on the fence it's a really nice story but not awfully long.
    Love Title Updates, new achievements without spending a dime!
  • Dresden N7Dresden N7535,456
    Posted on 09 July 22 at 20:35, Edited on 09 July 22 at 22:51 by Dresden N7
    These are one of those titles where the gameplay is perfectly serviceable, but the real reason you play SOMA is for the story. I absolutely love the haunting, BioShock-ish atmosphere and its themes of mortality, consciousness, and existential dread. Complicated ideas that are rarely touched upon by games (an exception being Planescape: Torment), if at all.

    My favorite part of the story was when Simon's consciousness was copied and we, as the player, transferred to the other body while he was stuck in the previous body. The first time was powerful, but the ending doing it again was a gut punch as well. Reminded me of Christopher Nolan's The Prestige.

    Excellent music too.
  • SeifhxSeifhx62,711
    Posted on 09 July 22 at 22:27
    Don't think i've got this although it looks quite good
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm578,980
    Posted on 10 July 22 at 20:52
    Still waiting for a sale to pick this up.
  • Spa1hSpa1h652,196
    Posted on 12 July 22 at 12:58
    That meltdown in the end... one of the best endings ever.

    Catherine! YOU monster!! F***************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Catherine? Hello? please?
  • Cylon 118Cylon 118524,402
    Posted on 13 July 22 at 15:11
    That was a really cool experience def recommend people play it on the normal setting not the cannot be hurt mode as i never actually died even having no clue were to go or what to do but i can understand not wanting the stress and the story should be experienced just to make u think about what it means to actually be human!
  • iLuvDexiLuvDex594,863
    Posted on 14 July 22 at 20:44
    Very disturbing game sometimes...but I'll play through it again someday to traumatize myself all over :)
  • J2B9J2B91,058,891
    Posted on 14 July 22 at 21:07, Edited on 15 July 22 at 12:44 by J2B9
    I haven't really played much horror games but I've heard this ones story was great and picked it up on sale. I remember watching Westworld Season 2 and seeing this game being mentioned as a similar story and it seems I started it right when season 2 was finishing.

    I thought it was great and yeah they definitely share very similar stories but that didn't take away from me still enjoying it.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm578,980
    Posted on 14 July 22 at 22:30
    The 29.99 USD price is a deal breaker. Instead, I opted to play another survival horror game: Visage. It's on GamePass and is great.
  • Posted on 15 July 22 at 12:59
    Truly one of the most despair ridden games I have ever played. After completing this in 2020 I went on many youtube deep dives watching video after video about this game, and that only compounded my love for it. I cannot recommend this game enough, it checks nearly every box for me. And it's an easy completion, especially with the availability of safe mode for players who may want a less stressful experience!
  • Catching ZZZsCatching ZZZs1,032,195
    Posted on 17 July 22 at 05:03
    I really enjoyed this game when I played it a couple years ago. The story and atmosphere really kept me immersed.
  • bennjjeebennjjee469,991
    Posted on 18 July 22 at 11:18
    This game is clever in its portrayal of consciousness and reality and, at times, a story I found to be disturbing. Wonderfully put together concept
  • The NotoThe Noto548,880
    Posted on 18 July 22 at 16:27
    Absolutely incredible writing in this game. The story itself is very thought provoking and spark interesting ideas on state of AI and thinking feeling human even when you know you're not.

    The gameplay I really liked as well. Very smooth and very polished. But the parts where you're walking around on the ocean bed was like pulling teeth for me. Thankfully, there isn't many of them, but I did get lost sometimes in the first half of the game.
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