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Leo Ascendent
Leo Ascendent
Posted on 19 February 10 at 04:50, Edited on 19 February 10 at 05:04 by Leo Ascendent
Alright, I'm at 195% and have a map of both castles, but a few areas I can't get into, and would like a bit of help with, it's probably very simple, but to me, no dice....

Here is a map with 3 areas circled, if you can explain how to enter them, I'd be really grateful. :) (it's the inverted map, but I need all 3 areas in the normal and inverted castle, fyi, and thanks again)

A: Hidden area in the Clock Tower area
B: In the underground area, seems to be a switch in the wall, nothing seems to open it.
C: A hidden room near the starting local in the normal castle, can't seem to make the wall break.
Posted on 21 February 10 at 15:33
This is for the normal castle.
A - The room have 3 gears that you can attack. Attack them until they click. When all 3 are in the correct position, the room will open.
B -Equip the Demon familiar and he will press the switch.
C - First go to where that huge part of rocks and go to the left side. Then turn into the wolf and run through it, then turn into the bat and go back through and go to the left of the room and a passage will be there.
Phoenix C64
Phoenix C64
Posted on 17 June 10 at 11:32
note for A: there are 3 gears in 1 room and 3 more in the room next. as far as i recall you have to press all 6 till each makes click.

it's a bit difficult, coz if you click again after the "clic sound" (maybe coz you are fighting) you'll have to to that gear again till it makes the sound.
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