Game Discussion: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Lost save

  • SiDvavilonSiDvavilon673,938
    Posted on 07 July 22 at 18:47
    I don’t play 3 days , start today and I see “new game “ and my turtles is 0 lvl
  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer1,267,757
    Posted on 07 July 22 at 22:02
    Quit and relaunch the game until it gets your data

    I don't know what with the game but the cloud fails to connect your data just vanishes.... It's weird because it should exist locally
  • Aura BattlerAura Battler763,258
    Posted on 08 July 22 at 06:40, Edited yesterday at 09:07 by Aura Battler
    It's a known issue:
    Game Progress Not Saving

    If you have quit the game for a long time, pretty sure the corrupted new save already saved to cloud, no way to retrieve the old save from cloud. For "No need for Mutagen!" (Bring all characters to max Power Level) achievement, I did it in one sit, it took around a few hours even you know the fastest ways to do it.....shock
  • ttfp saylowttfp saylow153,206
    Posted on 09 July 22 at 02:19
    I had this happen to me. Thankfully, it was OK after I quit the game (literally with the system "quit" button) and returned.

    I hope my save is still there… I haven't played it for a while, and this is apparently a known issue 😥
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