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PowerWash Simulator multiplayer: How to play co-op with friends

  • CanezzaCanezza191,833
  • Porygon ZzzPorygon Zzz1,707,475
    Posted on 27 July 22 at 12:19
    How does the achievements work for coop? Host only or what? Can the person who joins get some achievements or none at all?
    A milli, a milli, a millii
  • SamurizanSamurizan186,120
    Posted on 27 July 22 at 14:36
    If only there was couch coop cry
  • Russia BlackRussia Black457,902
    Posted on 27 July 22 at 14:42
    If anyone wants to link up and do some of these then I’m on most nights just add me on live.
    Posted on 27 July 22 at 16:51
    I thought I heard that all the achievements are host only, so that would suck for the co-op partner.
  • Posted on 28 July 22 at 05:45
    If they want players to use the co-op feature, they should at least ensure that achievements do not unlock host-only-based...
  • Posted on 04 August 22 at 14:19
    Feel free to add me for Power Washer or anything else. I have A LOT of games (around 840 last time I checked) On late most nights and weekends, from Western Australia.
  • ElbowBeastElbowBeast426,892
    Posted on 15 August 22 at 23:01
    Just a heads up... My co-op partner has not unlocked any achievements in this game with the exception of the helicopter blades achievement. So now they're on 1/40 whilst I'm on 25/40
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