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Beacon Pines interview: Xbox Game Pass is "exciting and terrifying"

  • Posted on 11 August 22 at 16:07
    Beacon Pines caught our eye with its cute, storybook art style mixed with an unsettling, mysterious plot, and then we learned it was coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one, which immediately cemented it on our “must play” list.

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  • TrooperAndy7TrooperAndy7905,771
    Posted on 11 August 22 at 16:32
    I like the description of it being a ‘metroidvania’ of story games, will probably check it out. It stresses me out sometimes being locked into a potentially bad story choice at times so being able to go back and change your mind is great for me haha
    Why are there so MANY numbers!?
  • The Ju1ceThe Ju1ce891,417
    Posted on 11 August 22 at 16:55
    Yeah, that's an interesting concept. And it's always good to hear when new games like this are coming straight to Game Pass.

    Hopefully "soon" means sometime in 2022, because I'm on a roll with anthropomorphic games this year: Bug Fables, Death's Door, Kaze and the Wild Masks, Tails of Iron, Tunic, KeyWe, Mighty Goose, and Backbone.
  • SpirochaeteSpirochaete2,668,517
    Posted on 11 August 22 at 16:58
    "There are still a few low-hanging achievements in there, for good measure.”

    Really, the only reason I play for achievements is for the low-hanging fruit.

    And I don't regret that. Life--and games--are hard enough already wave
  • Posted on 11 August 22 at 17:18
    It would be great if instead of 'coming soon' these devs/publishers just said their target release window as every project has to have that which they obviously change when its needed
  • Posted on 11 August 22 at 21:25
    I can't wait for this one to be on Game Pass.
  • ALoneWolf42ALoneWolf42383,485
    Posted on 12 August 22 at 14:45, Edited on 12 August 22 at 14:47 by ALoneWolf42
    It looks cute! A sort of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure where you can go forward & back through the choices.
  • wildwest08wildwest081,652,119
    Posted on 18 August 22 at 04:16
    Haven't heard of this before, but will check it out someday. Love gamepass
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