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No need for mutagen not unlocking

  • hammerpunchhammerpunch481,757
    Posted yesterday at 19:20
    Every achievement in the game have unlocked for me except this grind fest!

    And of course, 10 of the 18 hours of playing have been grinding to this now glitched achievement and I'm stuck at 29/30 unlocked.

    I even have the in game achievement as COMPLETED but not the achievement itself!

    I've done this:
    All characters lvl 10
    Replayed a level with every lvl 10 character
    Completed an entire level after all characters got to lvl 10
    Restarted the game multiple times
    Hard reset my series X console
    Logged out, then in my profile
    Deleted my local save file, and loading the cloud save
    Uninstalled and re-installed the game

    On Xbox the achievement appears as locked, in the Turtle Lair in the game it's shown as Completed.

    Help me!
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  • VOODOO85VOODOO85509,272
    Posted yesterday at 19:23
    Xbox Live issue it seems. Many people reporting issues with achievements not unlocking
  • Remco1986Remco1986281,772
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