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Victoria 3 coming October, skipping MS Store and PC Game Pass at launch

  • James B 1988James B 1988709,653
    Posted on 31 August 22 at 15:01
    Stu The Jag said:
    James B 1988 said:
    I haven't purchased a Series X yet and the more Microsoft neglect it the less I want to. Put your games on the console!
    You do realise a developer choosing not to develop for Xbox console has very little to do with Microsoft right?
    I do indeed realise that. I've looked into it many times, what with the seemingly dozens of games this last year that have been announced on here but I have been unable to play. Still, who cares about console only players.
  • Stevenmack65Stevenmack65102,449
    Posted on 29 December 22 at 14:41
    The Pc to console ports are horrendous... No idea how anyone can play Stellaris on Xbox..
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