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Saints Row: The Third Discussion - Spoilers

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    Posted on 01 September 22 at 00:06
    Welcome back to another TA Playlist month. Use this thread to speak freely about Saints Row: The Third and assume anything goes in here.
  • BrasshandeBrasshande1,459,750
    Posted on 01 September 22 at 06:58
    Definitely my favourite in the series, quality game, but i've already 100%ed but the 360 original and the remaster, and i no longer have my German copy to finish the last two achievements i'm missing on that version, so no actual playing of it this month. One of my absolute favourites on the 360 though
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  • KinectNinjaKinectNinja853,263
    Posted on 01 September 22 at 12:29
    not really a fan of the series at all lol
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm614,968
    Posted on 01 September 22 at 14:44
    Saints Row: The Third is tarnished by a real dumb-ass achievement:
    Saints Row: The ThirdJumped InThe Jumped In achievement in Saints Row: The Third worth 17 pointsCreate and share a character online.

    It never should have been in the game in the first place and is now discontinued. It's a blemish on the developers because it can be easily fixed. All that has to be done is replace the physical sharing of the character online with a virtual in-game process.
  • Stevo6483Stevo6483322,197
    Posted on 01 September 22 at 15:22
    Loved this game, such a laugh. Having 'Holding Out for a Hero' playing while you rush to rescue your friends at the end of the game was an excellent gaming experience - even moreso as I'd dressed my character in a superhero outfit 😂
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  • Posted on 01 September 22 at 16:09
    Great game, mad enough to be a laugh, not too mad as to be annoying
  • Posted on 01 September 22 at 16:13
    Badge please, thanks
    Rinsing hoops and bench pressing the queen
  • AbyssalOrc33AbyssalOrc33619,998
    Posted on 01 September 22 at 18:24
    Fun game. I wish you still had the ability to customize your safehouse/cribs. I miss that from the second game. All of the safehouses all felt the same after the final upgrade. Kind of lame if you ask me.
  • MaceteurMaceteur647,528
    Posted on 01 September 22 at 21:18
    Saints Row 2 is better .
  • WicelowWicelow1,603,682
    Posted on 02 September 22 at 00:28
    Played this looooong ago.
    Only here for my badge :]
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  • The CripplersThe Cripplers1,037,012
    Posted on 02 September 22 at 00:50
    I always thought The Third had the best gameplay in the series while 2 had the best story/characters.
  • GuidalityGuidality830,925
    Posted on 02 September 22 at 07:50
    difficult to think of the first two games and the third/IV as even being part of the same series so I divide them. Love both 2 and the third and consider them the best of the series in their particular styles (grounded vs over the top)
  • IAmSAMU3LxIAmSAMU3Lx405,237
    Posted on 02 September 22 at 11:18
    Definitely my favourite of the SR games. Used to love dressing my character in boots and a big coat with a fur hood and pulling wheelies down the street listening to Power by Kanye West when I was about 14 years old laugh Completed it almost ten years ago but still a great game.
  • wolfsburgrazwolfsburgraz860,140
    Posted on 02 September 22 at 13:34
    According to TA this was my very first game completion, finished on August 16, 2013! I've been meaning to buy the remastered version for a while now, if it goes on sale again before the month is out I'll grab it so I can take part in play and not only by post.

    This was my favourite of the games as well. I loved the superhero Crackdown-esque nonsense in IV, and the first two games have a special place in my heart but nothing matches this game for me. The intro mission, the spectacular musical choices for some of the set pieces, the WTF when all of a sudden there are just zombies? Perfection.
  • Posted on 02 September 22 at 14:16
    Jumping out of a helicopter while hearing "No one man should have all that power" is one of my top ten video game moments from the last ten years
  • tim29990tim29990451,521
    Posted on 02 September 22 at 14:50
    Hadn't tried any of the Saints games prior to this; not impressed very early into the game but hopeful (given the praise they get) that things will improve
  • snake42069snake420691,688,590
    Posted on 02 September 22 at 16:28
    I actually like the series in order. I never played GOoH, so I don't know where that one is in the list.
  • arctroop01arctroop0160,283
    Posted on 02 September 22 at 20:45
    This was a game that I started playing, but put off because there were so many other great games to be played. OMG this game is hilarious and it's so fun to play and just mess around.
  • LancerideLanceride555,193
    Posted on 02 September 22 at 23:06
    I remember thinking this was such a weird but entertaining turn for the series to take. The opening to this game is absolutely iconic.
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  • Cylon 118Cylon 118574,874
    Posted on 03 September 22 at 08:16
    Gor all chevos on this except the discontinued one a while back but found myself thinking at the time that this was one of the wackiest games i had played thinking it would be more grounded than it actually was but considering the things you can use as weapons in it such as use a certain large purple melee weapon or the dubstep gun it made itself stand out from gta its biggest competitor at the time id say. Maybe it wasnt over the top enough though as i really dont remember the story line of this one but the next one being president and having the world get invaded by aliens and getting superpowers sticks with me to this day!
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