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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars Xbox achievement list revealed

  • vK KnavevK Knave1,141,976
    Posted on 13 September 22 at 20:13
    I've had this game on my radar for quite a while. I'm excited its launching soon!!
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  • Posted on 13 September 22 at 20:27
    Looks neat list looks very doable too
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  • DmCTHREE6DmCTHREE6659,018
    Posted on 14 September 22 at 01:44
    Gamepass maybe....?
  • KillbombKillbomb309,558
    Posted on 14 September 22 at 06:38
    I wasn't aware of the game until seeing this post. I'll have to give the demo on Steam a go.
  • FF Square EnixFF Square Enix1,036,404
    Posted on 14 September 22 at 07:02
    Wow, this is looking goooood!
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  • builder dirgebuilder dirge1,467,158
    Posted on 14 September 22 at 07:19
    Screenshots on the dashboard look nice, it's not often these days I take a punt on screenshots alone but I fancy something new and this could be a good choice.
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  • Clad masterClad master3,381,816
    Posted on 14 September 22 at 07:47
    This one looks very interesting. I hope it won't disappoint 🤞
  • XellizXelliz334,054
    Posted yesterday at 02:58
    Looks really good, would love to see this on gamepass.
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