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Toxoids DLC

  • Posted on 21 September 22 at 20:51
    Hi all - just an FYI. The Toxoids DLC was advertised as being accompanied by 19 achievements - some tied to this DLC and some tied to previous ones. However, despite the DLC and accompanying patch coming to the Microsoft Store edition, the achievements do not appear to have been added. As such, the Steam edition achievement list (154 achievements) now differs from the Microsoft Store edition list (135 achievements) for the first time.

    If anyone sees anything in writing about this let me know. I could not find anything in the Dev Diary or patch notes which clarified this would be the case, which is obviously questionable from a consumer rights point of view.
  • Killface8800Killface88001,618,350
    Posted on 21 September 22 at 21:55
    Was curious about this myself, thanks for posting the info!
  • Posted on 22 September 22 at 21:32
    Update - an update appears to have dropped today which has added the 19 achievements. Maybe worth keeping an eye until someone unlocks one, but looks like good news.
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