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New Xbox games — September 26th to October 2nd

  • CanezzaCanezza196,503
    Posted yesterday at 09:59
    A total of 22 new Xbox games release next week, including FIFA 23, Grounded, Let's Build a Zoo, Despot's Game, and Paw Patrol: Grand Prix.

    Please click here to read the full story: New Xbox games — September 26th to October 2nd
  • Posted yesterday at 10:07
    Not much for me...
  • Posted yesterday at 10:10
    "Moonscars" looks pretty nice but we all know the MVP this week is "Paw Patrol".
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  • paramoreRyanparamoreRyan755,231
    Posted yesterday at 10:29
    Grounded, Zoo and Hokko Life clap
  • onidemon666onidemon666339,250
    Posted yesterday at 10:53
    Hokko life looks like a good Animal crossing clone........looking forward to that
  • ChPainkillerChPainkiller563,218
    Posted yesterday at 10:54
    a tip for everyone that wants to play fifa ultimate edition early tomorrow:

    Just change you region to NZ on the xbox menu the game will unlock at Midnight in NZ so for example people in the UK can play the full version tomorrow midday at 12
  • Posted yesterday at 10:56
    Weedcraft looks fun!
  • A Dank SlothA Dank Sloth416,324
    Posted yesterday at 11:13
    lmaooo weedcraft
  • omyrraomyrra245,970
    Posted yesterday at 11:28
    Between Weedcraft, Vertigo, and Paw Patrol, this is gonna be one of the greatest weeks for gaming as an artform in history I think
  • Escaflowne01Escaflowne01686,055
  • zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzzDrUnKeNMoNkEyz1,648,205
    Posted yesterday at 12:15
  • Posted yesterday at 12:30
    I'm playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker right now so Wrath of the Righteous is looking like a yes for me.
  • Posted yesterday at 12:54
  • DoomScottDoomScott537,264
    Posted yesterday at 13:31
    PAW PATROL!!! rock
  • Posted yesterday at 13:37
    Pathfinder woooooo
  • ALoneWolf42ALoneWolf42314,815
    Posted yesterday at 14:50
    So many games… Vertigo could be interesting, Let’s Build a Zoo, Weedcraft, Work from Home, Aerohead, Bunny Park maybe..?
  • Posted yesterday at 15:32
    Looking forward to the ones coming to Game Pass. Other then that, nothing else screams "buy me now."
  • SpirochaeteSpirochaete2,500,841
    Posted yesterday at 15:50
    The first 3 Paw Patrol games were decently fun, for a franchise I don't like in its non-video game form.

    I did eventually mute the voice of Ryder (the kid who launches the pups). Because he is too repetitive & his mouth doesn't sync well with the words.
  • Y2K BlasterzY2K Blasterz146,409
    Posted yesterday at 16:25
    Blade Assault and Bunny Park for me :D
  • EchelonSixEchelonSix920,152
    Posted yesterday at 16:39
    that Zelda Rip off looks good.
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