Game Discussion: Double Kick Heroes

How easy is this game to complete?

  • DarthDK576DarthDK57614,509
    Posted today at 18:17
    Like is the 8-10 hour time to complete accurate? Is there anything I should know before starting
    Previous GT: daringDK2006
  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,613,528
    Posted today at 21:35
    You're best bet is to have a second person (or three, if you can). While the achievements are done 'solo', you can use the Xbox console's co-pilot feature (under console accessibility options) to allow multiple controllers to sync to a single player. While this feature is not useful in all games, it is great for music/rhythm games where multiple players can 'share a controller' so each player can focus on a single button/action.

    The game is certainly doable without, but if you are trying to expedite the process, having local help is the way to go.
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