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Xbox sale round-up October 11th, 2022

  • gobey17gobey17988,656
    Posted on 11 October 22 at 16:41
    Aw, so close but still no The Outer Wilds dlc by itself on sale. :(
  • Scorpionxx0Scorpionxx0443,928
    Posted on 11 October 22 at 17:15
    Cell Damage is a fun little game & for only 2.24 it’s a steal.
  • Nave SutlefNave Sutlef200,290
    Posted on 11 October 22 at 17:37
    Iow n sIow said:
    Nave Sutlef said:
    Okay so does like nobody give a shit about Halloween except me? We’re halfway through the month and there still isn’t a decent sale. Pretty sad that what IS on sale goes with this months seemingly random targets.. facepalm
    There will be a shocktober sale at the end of the month just like every other year
    Having a Halloween sale a week before Halloween is stupid. Why can't it happen at the beginning of the month, so you know, you can play it throughout the month? Christmas decorations literally go up the day after Halloween in most places.
    Posted on 11 October 22 at 18:41
    Yeah, here we go. I have waited for sale like this.
    I grabbed Firewatch, Punch Club and House Flipper
  • MightyVap3rMightyVap3r1,715,762
    Posted on 11 October 22 at 20:03
    I need a better deal on Shadow gangs, like, 60% off, same for Final Vendetta, its not on sale but its another beat em up i want and they are still a little to much everywhere i looked,,,
    I also need a good deal on Xeno Crisis and Layer section should be cheaper. Ill just wait.....
    Eddy ate dynamite, good bye eddy
  • Posted on 11 October 22 at 22:57
    Wow Knights & Bikes on a sale. Next week let me see Headlander here too :).

    Paratopic is very good for David Lynch fans, yes it's worth it even though it only last 45 minutes.

    Have to wait to buy A Musical Story until next time, shame that.
    Beware of the grammar police!
  • GuidalityGuidality891,748
    Posted on 12 October 22 at 00:01
    Good pricing on guacamelee 2 bundle
  • Nave SutlefNave Sutlef200,290
    Posted on 12 October 22 at 01:02
    Can anyone recommend Vampyr?
    Posted on 12 October 22 at 10:07
    Nave Sutlef said:
    Can anyone recommend Vampyr?
    A good game actually
    Looks like Dark Souls with an interesting storyline but not so difficult. I'm not fan of vampires, but I'm kinda like it
  • Curmudgeon59Curmudgeon59351,434
    Posted on 12 October 22 at 11:56
    Have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, yet my Deals with Gold sales games have no discounts. All full price except for Outriders expansion. Anyone else show this?
  • wildwest08wildwest081,813,104
    Posted on 15 October 22 at 03:06
    Probably will get Spiritfarer as I couldn't get to it while it was in Game Pass
  • SeitzzSeitzz1,131,388
    Posted on 16 October 22 at 18:48
    Time to finally buy Lonely Mountains for the library
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