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Xbox sale round-up November 1st, 2022

  • FireDrake007FireDrake007271,358
    Posted on 02 November 22 at 10:12, Edited on 02 November 22 at 12:45 by FireDrake007
    FinderKeeper said:
    FireDrake007 said:
    Deponia Collection for me.
    Thinking of getting Deponia Collection as well. Hard to pass up at 90% off. How does the console version compare to the PC version?
    Not sure. I have them on steam but I haven't found the time to play them there yet because of Gamepass.

    It is a great deal for 4 games on Xbox though particularly since they all offer relatively easy 1000 GS points per game and have interesting stories.

    I am a fan of point and click adventure games so if there is a good deal for one, I am usually interested in buying them or playing them on Gamepass.
  • Posted on 02 November 22 at 16:42, Edited on 02 November 22 at 16:43 by BionicTriforce
    Lol, my stupid ass, saved the DLC for Just Cause 4 for when the DLC went on Sale. i see "oh sweet, Just Cause 4 DLC, I'll just buy that....' I wind up buyin the Gold edition, which includes the game itself which I don't need since it's already on Game Pass.

    I spent $4.50 more than I needed to!
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm650,379
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm650,379
    Posted on 02 November 22 at 19:42
    Picked up Frostpunk: Complete Collection. Although the base game is on GP, the DLC is not. The complete edition, on sale, is less expensive than the DLC by itself.
  • ManicMurphyManicMurphy157,609
    Posted on 03 November 22 at 10:24, Edited on 03 November 22 at 10:26 by ManicMurphy
    My bargain of the week was a 50p physical copy of the legends of wrestlemania clap

    Rogue Trooper Redux is the pick here for me. It's not often you see Rebellion games on sale.
  • ViniBTViniBT473,111
    Posted on 03 November 22 at 18:43
    A game based on the excellent book The Pillars of the Earth, rated M (18+), with an average Open Critic score of 77 and which includes 2 title updates with achievements? For USD 2.99 (90% off)?!
    It's the best deal of this week, imo.
  • DimsumSkillzDimsumSkillz646,693
    Posted on 03 November 22 at 19:32
    On the TA site it shows the Xcom 2 collection for sale at 9.99.But if you go to Microsoft store it's still listed at full price 😔 If you the game and the expansion it's about 12.00.Any at TA know if the collection I'd supposed to be on sale?
  • Posted on 07 November 22 at 10:25
    FlopsyTheRabbit said:
    HumbleSloth4921 said:
    緑眼のイアン#9349 said:
    Will probably finally grab Baulder's Gate this time around.
    I've had this for so long now (physically) but the lack of any real achievement guide for it has kept it shelved. It seem so daunting to try to take on without one.
    Do it! Great game!

    There's no achievement guide, but to be honest you just need to do a bit of research. If you check the forum I've posted a map showing where the BG1 achievements are. Siege of Dragonspear is the most complicated, but also the shortest and there are plenty of guides. There is only one overly complicated one (All the Enemies) which I've posted a guide for. BG2 is simply a case of doing all the sidequests, with a couple of A/B choices at certain points. The only things to worry about are the companion quests, which you can fail if you put them off for too long.

    You can also check some of the Steam guides if there isn't enough info on TA. The best ones tend to be well organised.

    Legacy of Bhaal difficulty is challenging, but you'll find plenty of overpowered builds if you search around. If you make a Mage you can get the Summon Planetar ability in BG2, which can solo every boss while your party hides in the corner.
    Oh, awesome! Thanks for that. I'll definitely bump it up in my list and try to give it a go. :)
  • mgoldmgold17,824
    Posted on 20 December 22 at 20:45
    Nice recap, in this winter break I'm feeling inn a more relax mood instead of a more focused objective one so I think BG2 fits better now and focusing more on sidequests, had a somewhat difficult semester so I need first to decompress completely smile
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