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The best hidden gems on Game Pass

  • DysconectDysconect225,803
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 00:06, Edited on 11 November 22 at 00:07 by Dysconect
    The Noto said:
    Beacon Pines is great. I finished it last night, and I loved every minute of it. Great writing. Very Twin Peaks-by-way-of-Stranger Things. I dug it, a lot, but Twin Peaks is my favorite franchise of all time, so others' mileage may vary.
    Twin peaks is sick. A unique show for sure. Cherry pie and coffee rock

    I’m gonna try beacon pines because of this, so cheers!
  • MonheganMonhegan238,019
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 00:43
    Big YES on Infernax. Lots of fun!
  • Kerman7Kerman7922,703
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 00:43, Edited on 11 November 22 at 00:51 by Kerman7
    Because there are so many people seconding Beacon Pines, I'll provide some balance so that people don't think everyone will love it.
    I thought it was a terrible game.

    The article is really doing the minimum mention with "not a lot more to the gameplay than that, in truth" but it's worth reinforcing there isn't much to do in this "game".
    There is no choice to make and whatever there is that changes the story is going to happen automatically as options in fact unlock one at a time. It is in fact a visual novel.
    For a game that pretends to be about choices & branched paths, being so short would actually be a reason not to bother.

    It can however be considered charming indeed, although there is an undertone that may make it a bit tricky for young children.
    So I'd only recommend it for those who think they would like that genre (and achievement hunters), certainly not everyone.
    Every man dies, not every man really lives
  • APOPHIS1989APOPHIS1989736,794
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 00:58
    I don't know if I can trust the site anymore, since it made this list without Citizen Sleeper, my pick for GOTY!
  • ThaPumeThaPume179,791
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 01:15
    What does TA stand for?
  • Posted on 11 November 22 at 01:26
    FUGA was great, would have never played it if not for GP. Can't wait for the sequel to release
  • inDANigiblesinDANigibles333,214
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 01:27
    DEDLY CUKE said:
    UnstoppableKD said:
    I definitely have enjoyed FUGA, I intend to play the sequel
    I agree except for one thing. Forcing me to play through 2.5 times to get all achievements was crap. By the end I hated the game. Initial play was a great experience.
    I need to finish FUGA... but also Im kinda of ashamed of myself for using the Soul Cannon... Thats kinda hard to explain away laugh
    videogames... amrite?
  • ToxicBlaze17ToxicBlaze17304,503
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 02:31
    Getting back into major grinds but i do need some games to play in my off time after finishing off race with ryan (bit of a snoozefest if you ask me) but will be checking out Little witch, kraken and probably archvale! Thanks Ta
  • Ax7 BEASTAx7 BEAST924,480
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 03:17
    TymanTheLong said:
    The Riftbreaker
    Monster Train
    Tainted Grail: Conquest

    are all probably good honorable mentions for the list.
    Death's Door is also really good
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  • HappyTheDevilHappyTheDevil1,639,883
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 03:26
    Will get to Beacon Pines soon smile
    (Old) Arch Enemy•Blackbriar•Eluveitie•Epica•Illumishade•Jinjer•Sabaton•Slaughter to Prevail•Wintersun
  • ijiekmotorsijiekmotors496,940
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 03:40
    I completed Mind Scanners and really enjoyed it, but I don't think it would be everyone's cup of tea. Plus, achievements for multiple endings. I've considered doing a walkthrough for it because the criteria for some of the endings is really confusing. But I found the general gameplay loop really fun, like a type of wario-ware game in a kind of dystopian future.
  • Blair2100Blair2100466,952
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 04:53
    Archvale is so good.
  • RuttedRatRuttedRat799,685
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 06:03
    I am shocked Tinykin didn't make the list. One of my favorit indie games of all time
  • St3phosaurusSt3phosaurus270,468
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 07:19
    I love indie games, this is a great list. I really enjoyed Dicey Dungeons so keep meaning to check out Floppy Knights
    Good vibes only <3
  • Posted on 11 November 22 at 07:30
    None of these take my fancy. Always appreciate these types of articles though.
    Gamer Snob
  • Posted on 11 November 22 at 07:50
    Maybe I'll try 1 or 2
  • Posted on 11 November 22 at 10:08
    please write paradise killer and mind scanner walkthrough
  • DiegoTanDiegoTan484,444
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 12:50
    Paradise Killer has really great feel to it, specifically the summer vibe (which I enjoyed mostly during hottest summer evenings). And amazing music by Epoch. Also really loved the versions with lyrics as well, with fantastic Fiona Lynch as the singer. Top notch stuff.

    Kraken Academy... ehhh, not so much. Really ugly characters (sans Broccoli girl, who is the highlight), bad humor, bad writing, plots do not connect in any way, it's... like a bad fan art of Life is Strange kinda? I guess I need to try out Archvale, seeing so many people here enjoyed it.
    Gotta keep moving
  • Posted on 11 November 22 at 13:14
    The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is one of the best games I've played all year, late game crashes aside. Wish it got more love.
  • Cuddly chanCuddly chan167,232
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 14:11
    I’ll add Ghost Song as well, it was so long since a game got me hooked that way
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