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Obsidian Rank Boosting - Please share your WISDOM

    Posted on 14 November 22 at 01:52, Edited on 17 November 22 at 18:09 by JCDRANZER
    This game is brutal, I got screwed over during placement and got 8 wins and 2 losses, the one loss because I forgot to turn off cross play so came across PC players and the other loss for a bullshit inactivity where one of my guest controllers just didn't move even though it was rubber-banded to continuously walk left.

    So my ELO rank was set at 1000 points and put me in Bronze league and since then I've got up to 1590 points. When I was at 1000 I was playing against a friend's dummy account that I boosted up to 2270 points by giving it 10 placement match wins, it was giving me 24 ELO points per win but it gradually started to decrease as we got closer in rank, eventually around the 1500 ELO points mark, we were level and when I had a higher ELO rank it was 5 points per win but as the gap grew larger, the less ELO points were given per win which was 3 to 2 points per win.

    What's funny is that my dummy account that I used to boost my friend's dummy account (got 2270 ELO after 10 wins in placement) had an ELO rank of 2110 but in bronze league with 10 losses during placement matches so was higher ranked than my main.

    Points to take note:-

    1.) Closer ELO ranks mean faster matchmaking. So If you're both in placement, you match up faster.
    2.) Silver rank is attained at 2120 ELO
    3.) Gold rank is attained at 2185 ELO
    4.) Platinum rank is attained at 2250 ELO
    5.) You already know this, Obsidian rank is attained at 2450 ELO

    I wonder how much ELO points you can get if you're at 1000 to 2000 points ELO against an Obsidian ranked player.

    So please for the ppl who are working on this or have already got Obsidian rank, please share your experience and wisdom.

    Thank you.
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