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Xbox sale round-up January 17th, 2023

  • VeedrockVeedrock790,613
    Posted on 20 January 23 at 14:26
    Rambombo said:
    Are those sales still avaible? I click on buy button of borderlands 3 season pass bundle but i see only full price, no sales there :(
    I see the discount. It's a Gold exclusive price, are you subscribed?
  • RambomboRambombo215,201
    Posted on 20 January 23 at 15:01
    Oh thank you, that is the problem. I am not gold ritght now lol
  • GraymawrGraymawr337,600
    Posted on 22 January 23 at 02:00
    xXMalakian XVII said:
    LikingMallard44 said:
    Hard reset finally get a discount!
    Happy about this one too.
    First time it ever has! Gets discounts on Steam and GOG all the time. Definitely picking this up.

    Probably won't start for a while though lol
    Strict Available Times: 10ish PM - 1 AM EST, United States
  • GraymawrGraymawr337,600
    Posted on 22 January 23 at 02:08
    Cakes#1517 said:
    Why is Crackdown 3 listed with Unobtainables?
    Apparently Crackdown 3: Wrecking Zone achievements all got discontinued without warning.
    Strict Available Times: 10ish PM - 1 AM EST, United States
  • wildwest08wildwest081,802,752
    Posted on 22 January 23 at 06:23
    Ghost of Vawrky said:
    II Blittz II said:
    Ghost of Vawrky said:
    Jade Empire strikes back! No Hitman or Hitman 2 or bundles.

    Hitman 1 (Hitman: The Complete First season) GWG does that include everything needed to unlock all the achievements?

    Hitman 1, what all dlc is needed to unlock all achievements? Hitman 2? Just looking into the least expensive way: disc or base game separate from the additional content. Maybe the deluxe and gold are the least expensive.
    The one that came with Games With Gold has all episodes and content needed to get all of the achievements. I almost got GOTY Edition a few weeks ago, but thank god I doubled checked because the only thing extra I would of gotten was skins and weapons. With that being said, if you got the full game through Games With Gold like I did then you're all set.
    Thank you. The first Hitman is good to go. I'll be playing them in order.

    Any idea about Hitman 2?
    I believe it is the gold edition will get you everything. I would recommend going into the forum posts for Hitman 2 as they have a great guide in there
  • FoerlFoerl1,155,125
    Posted on 22 January 23 at 10:45
    just a heads up hard reset redux sale ends in 1 day. check the dates! toast
  • McEcikMcEcik1,354,442
    Posted on 22 January 23 at 23:03, Edited on 22 January 23 at 23:03 by McEcik
    According to the list:
    Europa Universalis IV - Microsoft Store Edition includes:
    • Europa Universalis IV (Windows)
    • Origins
    • Lions of the North
    Is on the sale, but after I purchased it I am missing these two DLC listed as included.
    Anyone able to comment, what is happening here?
  • psportalpsportal233,911
    Posted on 28 January 23 at 01:57
    I'm genuinely surprised by the discount on Dust: An Elysian Tail. I picked it up just because that rarely happens.
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