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    Posted on 27 January 23 at 14:13
    Please use this thread to discuss the GoldenEye 007 walkthrough.
  • vSullyvSully1,308,755
    Posted on 28 January 23 at 00:47, Edited on 28 January 23 at 00:47 by vSully
    I'm about 75% done recording videos, then I'll flesh everything out and hopefully have this submitted pretty quickly.

    Here's a speedrun playlist for anyone who wants help asap: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXgwSEGE0an3uqiw6E_tE...
  • SiegfriedXSiegfriedX5,279,224
    Posted on 02 February 23 at 04:26
    Awesome! Top quality videos, I was just watching the Caves one, the only cheat I never unlocked back then. It certainly looks easier with the new controls but it's still one hell of a level. Over 70 enemies killed in your mission stat page!
  • vSullyvSully1,308,755
    Posted on 02 February 23 at 08:26
    The walkthrough is complete through the Jungle level. I hopefully will be done in the next few days and have it submitted for review.
  • vSullyvSully1,308,755
    Posted on 04 February 23 at 14:22
    WT has been submitted for review. Stay tuned!
  • FQXFQX389,466
    Posted on 06 February 23 at 22:18
    Nice work.
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