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Ubisoft+ on Xbox will feature over 60 games, here's the full list

  • XLogicz6XLogicz6185,379
    Posted on 08 February 23 at 07:13
    neoncat said:
    no Just Dance :(
    it’s not all of them
  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong531,691
    Posted on 08 February 23 at 08:19
    $15 per month? You could buy most of those games on sale for less than 6 months worth of subs! They’re constantly on sale!
  • Posted on 08 February 23 at 08:58
    Not worth 15€ at all...
  • TykonautTykonaut339,791
    Posted on 08 February 23 at 09:40
    Seems a bit odd that Extraction is on there but not Siege...
  • Posted on 08 February 23 at 14:06
    I don't think this will attract a lot of people, not for that lineup, not for that price, not with a strong Game Pass next to it...
  • KnoellKnoell471,300
    Posted on 08 February 23 at 14:10
    When will Ubisoft stop neglecting the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise
  • KnoellKnoell471,300
    Posted on 08 February 23 at 14:17
    The Mr Killer said:
    I don't think this will attract a lot of people, not for that lineup, not for that price, not with a strong Game Pass next to it...
    I am confused on the lineup itself as I was having some nostalgia to play Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and logged into Ubisoft on PC. A few of the iterations of Heroes of Might and Magic for sale say "or sign up for Ubisoft+ to play along with 100s of games", but when I look at the official list of games (including PC games) it does not include them.

    Like below the very first Heroes of Might and Magic says it is included in Ubisoft+ but i can't find it in the list of Ubisoft+ games. Granted its only $2.50 right now which is besides the point, but i'd prefer to know the list of games are what im getting or not. It makes me wonder what else says this but isn't included or the opposite, what isn't on the list but is included.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 08 February 23 at 14:50
    Ubi are an indie developer. I've heard it all now. We will just forgot assassins Creed and rainbow six exists then right ?
    Resi - Its a state of mind.
  • iTzDanski92iTzDanski92720,516
    Posted on 08 February 23 at 22:09
    Most of the AC were free with gold over the past 5 years or so, far cry I have on disk I think, watchdogs I bought them all on offer for about £20 in total, game pass I'll stick with, I'll give it a few months after it's releases and it will be merged into gp like ea+ 😂👌
    Danny - Causual gamer since year 2000
  • DeviousappleDeviousapple766,057
    Posted on 08 February 23 at 23:14
    I already own most of the games on that list and have them completed or they are the bottom of my backlog list. No thanks. A large portion of them are regulars on the under $5 sale list or were given away as part of games with gold years ago.
  • AugliciousAuglicious58,591
    Posted on 08 February 23 at 23:23

    After the Activision sale gets denied by regulators, Microsoft will just buy Ubisoft for a fraction of what they were willing to pay for Activision.
  • wildwest08wildwest081,773,457
    Posted on 09 February 23 at 04:55
    BegFourMercy said:
    HolyHalfDead said:
    BegFourMercy said:
    Ea pass was $5 a month and you could prepay the year for a discount. That makes sense for UBIsoft.
    EA does not include DLC or day 1 games.

    Perhaps they could do Ubisoft- for $5 with 1 year old games and no DLC.
    Good point. I may buy 1 or 2 full price games a year. So they should have 2 tiers. Ubisoft day 1 games: Who would even touch them with the recent track records. They get good after 1 year.

    Just of FYI. I have been playing AC Odessey for over 2 months. It is a great game and long. I have to say too long. Working on the DLC now. I have been wanting to play breakpoint (edition will everything for 90% off). But then again, I may just buy it for $15. It would take longer than 1 month. Division 2 is also a great game now. Not at launch though.
    I would agree with that. I just finished all of Odyssey. The game is really good but Ubisoft has made the games too big. I would love to sign up for a month and Play Valhalla sometime, but in reality I would need at least two months. That would be 30 dollars if I could finish it in that time and they usually have the gold edition sales for 20 to 25 dollars. I would sign up for a 10ish dollar one year later service
  • Posted on 09 February 23 at 05:41
    The only way I would be remotely interested in this pass is if it cost like 1 additional dollar to the game pass suscription
  • erod550erod5501,513,049
    Posted on 09 February 23 at 07:53
    Have already bought all the games on this list that I have an interest in playing. I guess it's good if you've been living under a rock and haven't played many of them yet. But at $15/mo, you could probably just buy the games you want on sale for less than the cost of the 2 months it would take you to finish some of the longer ones.
  • svenmx1svenmx1504,909
    Posted on 09 February 23 at 15:38
    If they really plan to make their subscription fee higher or almost the same as Game Pass Unlimited - the proportionality would not be maintained at all. Especially since most people call a Far Cry, Assassin's Creed or Ghost Reckon their own anyway. In Germany, the gold and diamond versions of these series are currently being knocked out with 80% discount. There is then no longer any argument for a subscription. The offer is too limited to a few series.
  • Posted on 13 February 23 at 05:58
    Ubisoft+ is way too expensive if you compare to gamepass ultimate. And I own 21 of the games on the list so thanks but no thanks.
  • Posted on 23 February 23 at 20:29
    whoever is making these decisions for Ubisoft should be fired. They're doing such a shitty job.
    The Master of Raccoons :)
  • Posted on 24 March 23 at 01:17
    when ubi joins ea on gp then i might look at it!
  • BS BloopaBS Bloopa86,220
    Posted on 25 March 23 at 10:52
    Very disappointed that they won’t include older titles like Assassin’s Creed 1, Beyond Good and Evil, Far Cry 2, or any of the Prince of Persia or Splinter Cell games
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