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Peace Walker Last Main Op? *minor spoilers*

Merciful Fate
Posted on 18 January 12 at 23:04
Okay let me explain my situation.

I've done plenty of research on how the last Main Op is unlocked, get a call from Kaz and go to Extra Op 1, second stairs, etc. Thing is, I've never received that call. I have full staff, Intel level is 70. All available Extra Ops are completed, with S ranks I may add, except the AI weapons (Part 2), Hunter Missions, and a few custom vehicle missions. All Main Ops are S ranked. I keep playing and playing, VS, Co-Op, SP, whatever. Zeke is fully completed (all parts, AI Pod is 25% complete). I have deployed him (have an achievement as proof), I've tried deploying him in Outer Ops, finishing it, nada. Is this mission just glitched for me? Cause I'm really debating on just starting a new save.
Gabriel Bean
Gabriel Bean
Posted on 09 April 17 at 00:55
Well for the last mission to pop-up

1-You need to have completed all 6 Zadornov Search Main Ops
2-You need to have ZEKE complete but not on a Outer Ops team, even if the team is not on a mission. He must be on the hangar (you know that he is if you can access his customization menu).

Then just do any extra ops and get the call from Kaz. Bring a Chaff Grenade on the last mission for a secret achievement too :D
Posted on 07 May 18 at 07:59
Theres a hidden requirement, having "Mission Support Rank" at level 2(or CAT2). This is achieve by using lot of support items in missions, like suply crates, or granades, magazines, etc.
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