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New Xbox games: February 27th to March 5th

  • Posted on 27 February 23 at 04:59
    Scars Above looks good, been following it for months.

    LEAP was a maybe for me since that dev also did Valley, which I enjoyed, but the achievements are awful.
  • Combi l CimaCombi l Cima186,487
    Posted on 27 February 23 at 06:45
    Great news!
  • LancerideLanceride575,599
    Posted on 27 February 23 at 14:35
    I am so far behind on Game Pass games... But Wo Long certainly does interest me.
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  • Posted on 27 February 23 at 20:36
    I have already pre-ordered the Scars Above and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 😁🔥❤️
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