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All XB1/XBSX games are showing 0/1000 for me; 360 games unaffected

  • CubivoreCubivore515,500
    Posted on 15 March 23 at 02:09
    Slayer Reigning said:
    Cubivore said:
    so i did not realize that this was happening last night while grinding online in among us for the last achievement. i am now at more than 50 wins but the achievement did not unlock last night nor did it unlock when the sysyem fixed itself. i went and ground out the 9 wins it says i still need, but still no achievement. am i screwed? is it just gonna randomly unlock later? what do i do here?
    best shot is clearing all save data if you don't care about that and hope it works.
    did that, restarting grind now. if it doesn't work i'm gonna be livid, i have been really careful to this point with my account to make sure i can conceptually get all achievements so if i get locked out of this one because xbox live screwed up i will not be impressed
  • Slayer ReigningSlayer Reigning2,539,007
    Posted on 15 March 23 at 02:18
    Best of luck!
    But now your Reign is over / And it's all up to me / I'm gonna show you what I mean
  • CubivoreCubivore515,500
    Posted on 15 March 23 at 05:48, Edited on 15 March 23 at 06:52 by Cubivore
    well got back to 50 wins, no achievement. i am furious.

    the only other thing i can think of is that my xbox live account is still linked to my among us account with all the unlocks, even though the stats were reset by deleting the save data. i dunno how to un-link them though.
  • CubivoreCubivore515,500
    Posted on 19 March 23 at 03:34
    i got 9 wins on the pc version and that got me the stuck achievement, thank fuckin christ
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