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Ratalaika no longer considering easy 1,000G updates after community pushback

  • Stevo6483Stevo6483384,279
    Posted on 03 April 23 at 23:33, Edited on 05 April 23 at 18:26 by Stevo6483
    Agree with above (Johnny Sinister). The achievement system is starting to circle the drain and it won't be long before it goes down the plughole with games like these just giving away gamerscore for next to no effort, or even none at all. If it gets to that point they might as well just scrap achievements altogether.
    Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas... Whatever!
  • Posted on 04 April 23 at 14:52
    S GT said:
    Sicilian Sinner said:
    Only a complete addict would buy the same game more than once for pointless gamerscore (buying stacks of the same game). Weak minds are easy to milk for cash, conning you into spending what the game costs more than once just to play the same single game over and over lol I love it.
    bruh enjoying mymaite toast
    True, but in all fairness I bought the game a year ago and haven't been buying stacks ever since I only ever bought a few win10 stacks then realized how stupid it was. If it wasn't for the free updates I wouldn't of installed it again.
  • Posted on 09 April 23 at 01:49
    There are lots of games that are reasonably easy to get most if not all achievements, even if it doesn't appear obvious. Doom Eternal had no multiplayer achievements or difficulty achievements, SD Gundam, recently added to game pass seems to allow you to unlock most achievements through a story play through. Ryse is mixed bag, most achievements can be done by completing the story and getting the collectable, the multiplayer achievement's totally insanely. Dragon Ball Z Kararot seems to mainly require you to complete the story for most achievements, the dlc has no achievements. JoJo battle also seems to have reasonable easy achievements, if you can get though the story. Gungrave achievements look easy but I could be wrong. Eiyuden Rising is easy to get all achievements, little bit time consuming but reasonable. Ac Syndicate has no multiplayer achievements, finishing the game and dlc will get most achievements, with a bit of work shouldn't be too hard to get all achievements.
  • PowerMetalX777PowerMetalX7771,223,313
    Posted on 24 February 24 at 02:22
    That sucks i would love that
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm654,326
    Posted on 08 March 24 at 21:45
    Canezza said:
    Following pushback from the achievement hunting community, Ratalaika Games is no longer considering adding easy 1,000G title updates to its games. [updated]

    Ratalaika Games is no longer considering adding title updates to games it has previously released. Ratalaika Games CEO Adrian Vega told TrueAchievements, "We were considering [adding title updates] mostly for two or three games as a trial to see the reception from users.

    "But seeing feedback from people on social media and here on TrueAchievements, we won't [add] new achievements to already released games."
    It’s nice to see people listening to us. Personally, I enjoy a few relaxing, casual games after persevering through a formidable game that takes me well over a hundred hours to complete. The last thing I want, though, is for these quick & easy games to blind-side me with ill-timed title updates.

    For this reason, I’ve stopped buying Eastasiasoft games. I played their games for quick, casual fun & found them quite enjoyable. It defeats the purpose, though—quick, casual fun—if one has to constantly look over one’s shoulder to see if a handful of lame achievements have been added to games that should have stayed in the rear view mirror.

    Thankfully, Ratalaika has avoided making this mistake.
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