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Has anyone here boosted the online achievments in Full Auto?

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Posted on 15 April 12 at 21:01
I tried to boost this game recently with another guy. We were doing the Containment method with class A cars. After winning 30 races each, we realised that the achievements were not unlocking even though they should have been. Only the level 1 achievement unlocked for me, but after winning 30 races I should have unlocked all of them up to level 8. On another forum someone said it's possible that the achievement trackers for the game have been turned off. I don't believe that's possible though. I haven't heard of that happening in any other game. Has anyone else had problems unlocking online achievements for this game?
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 05:53
Two buddies did that MP last week. It's fine!
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Posted on 05 May 12 at 13:32
All the online achievements for getting a certain rank are very buggy for example i boosted with a friend and instead of getting the level 10 achievement at 950-1000 points he had to get 1400+. Also the achievements pop in the loading screen so sometimes you don't see them. But all the online will pop eventually nothing has been turned off.
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Posted on 13 October 12 at 18:13
I thought the servers were shut off on this game!? If it's cheap and can find it I wouldn't mind boosting it. (PM me)
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Posted on 28 November 12 at 19:17
It's rubbish how it works for some and not others, I have tried all the method and help unlock this but it seems that only continuous play will work. Fun times!
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