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Xbox sale round-up August 1st, 2023

  • HUN playmoreHUN playmore1,901,323
    Posted on 02 August 23 at 06:39
    Far Cry 5 + FC New Dawn + all the DLCs are a steal, it is around the same price as one month of Ubi+. Absolutely worth it.
  • PirateRyanGPirateRyanG220,635
    Posted on 06 August 23 at 00:41
    Bought the MK10 bundle.

    Was kinda tempted by the MK11 + Injustice 2 one, but since I already own all the DLC for Injustice 2, it didn't seem like a great deal.
  • S0CIOPATH77S0CIOPATH77153,264
    Posted on 07 August 23 at 08:36
    Just confirming if this is still worth it as a gamepass owner? I guess for the 11 bucks technically I'm just getting the dlc as a gamepass guy is that about it?

    Any other gamepass owners think it's still worth the mortal kombat and injustice bundle? Just wanted to see if anyone else with gamepass is buying this. Thanks for input!!
  • MaceteurMaceteur741,016
    Posted on 08 August 23 at 23:46
    Fighter Within , sah what a pleasure .
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