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Posted on 28 May 12 at 11:19
I'm playing Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and I sought help online for various things. I got the Santa character by accident but then when I saw it in a cheat blog, there was mention of a candy cane weapon for him.

This is how I am supposed to be able to get it: "Once you are in the last area of the level, get all of blue blocks and put them on the blue platform. Then, build both platforms to get on the mountain edge. Follow the path and you will find a house. Find a way up there to see presents and Lego blocks that will make a sleigh. Go in the chimney then break the boxes. There will be a candy cane that you can use for a weapon as well as Santa Claus."

Every cheat I checked out said the same thing almost word for word. The really frustrating part is that the LAST AREA OF THE LEVEL DOESN'T HAVE ANY BLUE BLOCKS OR PLATFORM TO PUT THEM ON! So how am I supposed to find this path with the house, chimney, gifts and candy cane????angry
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