Game Discussion: Fight Night Round 3

Achievement Discussion

  • Posted on 16 April 08 at 16:03
    Please post your suggestions for gaining achievements for EA SPORTS FN 3in this thread
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 01 September 08 at 15:56
    Play as Roy Jones on Easy and dont sim the stop...1000G
  • Posted on 17 March 09 at 12:44
    would any one like to boost me for the last achievement since i dont have it if there is any achievements you want me to boost for just ask message me
  • LocalMercLocalMerc19,012
    Posted on 29 March 09 at 02:02
    Just hit Haymakers..... about a day
  • MackTKauMackTKau19,247
    Posted on 03 May 09 at 08:30
    switch to easy, turn off the illegal blows, pick the elbow and the basic low blow.

    The low blow has a long range, and just keep spamming them from that long range until you KO them.

    The other option (especially if the other fighter keeps closing) is to keep slamming their face with the Elbow. Eventually you will cut them open so badly the ref will stop the fight.
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