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Matchmaking Doesn't Work Properly

  • DubstepEdgelordDubstepEdgelord3,146,137
    Posted on 21 November 23 at 18:46
    I started this game a few days ago and the first day I was playing, I was finding bot matches as you would expect. The very next day I tried to find a match and I would sit there for 10+ minutes with no match. The only way I have been able to get matches is when the daily star crate resets, and even then you will sit there for a few minutes before it throws you in with a high level bot that will destroy you 9/10 times before you can even place anything. Then, once you fill your star crate the game just stops giving you matches. Very rarely, you will match a real player but you have to get real lucky to do so. Ever since, I have had next to no luck actually making much progress on this game. It appears that the developers have no way to contact them, since they don't seem to have social media presence and their website is defunct by the looks. I have no hope to actually be able to get this game done in a somewhat timely fashion, if at all at this point.
    TL,DR: Don't touch this broken game if you haven't yet.
  • Posted on 21 April 24 at 00:23
    To this day, the matches cease to connect after I get my 10 stars.

    A tip I've tried that has been working is to kill a single turret then play defense the rest of the game for the win. You'll get 1 star and potentially 9 more for 10 wins in a day.

    However that works maybe 2 or 3 times before my force demolishs or I'm forced to kill another turret if I get over run.
  • TiestoEditTiestoEdit848,036
    Posted on 29 April 24 at 18:27
    im in the same boat as Big I can't ever find a match after the 10 stars 1000 wins is going to take forever!
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