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Xbox sale round-up January 23rd, 2024

  • Ox1893Ox1893127,130
    Posted on 23 January 24 at 08:30
    I love the FMV games, but they aren’t cheap enough in my opinion. Some good sales nonetheless.
  • DE4N MUFCDE4N MUFC1,291,333
    Posted on 23 January 24 at 08:58
    Dark Wander3r said:
    Seems like a small list. Some kind of big sale/special coming up?
    The Xbox Lunar New Year Sale should be coming up. It was on the 17th of January last year so this year it could be next week or even 6th February.

    Personally I’m just wanting Hogwarts Legacy and Hitman World of Assassination, I should have got them both last month in the Christmas sale but didn’t expect Hitman to be leaving Game Pass and should of just bought HL at under £35. If they aren’t in the Lunar Sale then I’ll just be getting the Tomb Raider trilogy remaster.
  • I Sphyre II Sphyre I605,588
    Posted on 23 January 24 at 12:56
    Still nothing for the 4th week in a row......
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm650,733
  • LeXXuzLeXXuz1,135,191
    Posted on 23 January 24 at 14:13
    Bully for 8.99? What the... laugh
  • psybOltOnpsybOltOn428,927
    Posted on 23 January 24 at 14:31
    Bought The Talos Principle, I don't think it can get cheaper than that.
  • Timmy LoveTimmy Love394,783
    Posted on 23 January 24 at 17:33
    Phantasy Zebra said:
    Spirochaete said:
    Hope it's an easy week.

    Last week with its "beyond countdown" or "indie something" or whatever was apocalyptic to the wallet.
    Glad I wasn’t the only one laugh I was even buying games I never heard of cause they looked so good lol
    I’m curious what you both picked up last week. I had a lot of games in my cart but winded up only purchasing Fall of Porcupine.
  • Latinfla4Latinfla41,419,186
    Posted on 23 January 24 at 19:13
    JeDiMlnDTrlcks said:
    Latinfla4 said:
    How is buying both of the fmv bundles separately cheaper than buying the mega fmv pack?
    I did not look at it, but sometimes it's stupid like this, or you buy each individual game at its cheapest sale price and it is cheaper than the bundle at its cheapest
    Just find it funny that one mega pack is better than two ultimate packs without the actual monetary they not see it in the sales and think maybe we should maks the mega pack at least 10 dollars cheaper😂
    if u have ez games on your gamercard dont b a hypocrite and stop others from enjoying the same games and try not 2 spend more than 4 dollars for them
  • Posted on 23 January 24 at 21:15
    Nothing on the Windows front again...
  • Posted on 23 January 24 at 21:15, Edited on 23 January 24 at 21:16 by Guitar LInc0ln
    Still waiting for Darksiders III...
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm650,733
  • mr edmeistermr edmeister554,344
    Posted on 23 January 24 at 23:06
    GoyetteQC said:
    are the monster energy supergross games any good? they seem to be on sale every other week and the price point is tempting. i'm 50/50 when it comes to milestone's games, mxgp2 bored me to tears and ride 4 has been a struggle so far, but i had a good time with ride 3 and the ducati game, and i plan on buyinf the original ride game since it's on sale.

    also i just finished mx vs atv all out, how does supercross encore compare to it? looking for more games from the series and i don't know where to go next besides alive which was gwg a few years ago.
    I find the monster energy supercross games quite repetitive. I prefer the mxgp series although they are a slog too.
    As for the mx vs atv series, the latest one Legends is good. It's in the sale too but still way too expensive. Wait for a decent discount on this one I reckon.
  • Posted on 24 January 24 at 01:39
    It was only me or anyone else also noted that theres no "Outbreak" titles at this week sale? Thats REALLY an odd surprise!
  • mkdfanmkdfan1,081,928
    Posted on 24 January 24 at 04:02
    With the hundreds of billions of Artifex Mundi games there are you’d think they’d go on sale every now and again. I like to stock up on them for when I want something chill to play.
  • PilkatronPilkatron684,936
    Posted on 24 January 24 at 05:27
    Dirt 5! Finally
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead768,341
    Posted on 24 January 24 at 06:43, Edited on 24 January 24 at 06:52 by HolyHalfDead
    Are you rubbing it in that I bought Hydrophobia on sale over 10 years ago but still have not played it!

    Do you think they put TCSC Double Agent on sale after they saw the number of people playing Conviction last week. I also bought Double Agent 10 years ago for $2.99 and haven’t played it yet.

    Will Viking Age ever get a 50% discount?
    He's not a man. He's the holy Half-Dead who has seen the Underverse and returned with powers you can't imagine.
  • Triple g 101Triple g 101262,439
    Posted on 24 January 24 at 23:15
    Guitar LInc0ln said:
    Still waiting for Darksiders III...
    Check again
  • Posted on 25 January 24 at 06:11
    Triple g 101 said:
    Guitar LInc0ln said:
    Still waiting for Darksiders III...
    Check again
    My bad, should've been more precise. I was referring to the Windows version.
  • DrAllsoppDrAllsopp1,267,784
    Posted on 26 January 24 at 03:39
    I noticed in the list above only one POWGI game, Word Sudoku and was surprised there weren't 2, 3 or 4 as there had been the last few weeks.

    I saw a friend playing Sixty words by POWGI a couple of days later and saw it was on sale at half price.
    Sixty Words by POWGI Achievements

    I checked and saw there were a number of games on sale that weren't listed on the above article.

    I wonder how many have been missed and has it happened before.

    Here are a few.

    Sixty Words by Powgi
    Robot Squad Simulator X
    Koh-Lanta: The Return Of The Adventurers
    Professor Rubik's Brain Fitness
    Train Station Renovation
    Kitten Hero
    Commander ’85

    I'm sure there are more.
  • AskHaTeRAskHaTeR356,461
    Posted today at 16:50
    No Darksiders Genesis for windows again :(
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