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Xbox sale round-up March 5th, 2024

  • Posted on 05 March 24 at 23:39
    aftos84 said:
    Phantasy Zebra said:
    Nice been waiting to pick up Monster Train 🚂 since it left gamepass £4.99 not bad great game
    Appreciate the call out on this. Completely fell through the radar but was super keen on it (but never had time when in game pass).

    Bought & thank you!
    Nice took me awhile to get somewhat decent but it’s very completeable :) can’t wait to go back
  • SoulbiteSoulbite1,617,086
    Posted on 05 March 24 at 23:57
    There are chess games on sale - what's the consensus on the "best" one?
  • BigTymer2047BigTymer20471,263,313
    Posted on 06 March 24 at 01:17
    I am really enjoying the sales that I want nothing from! Better on my backlog AND wallet!
  • CowlzCowlz113,895 113,895 GamerScore
    Posted on 06 March 24 at 22:34
    Lots of great sales on here. Borderlands 1 + 2, Isonzo, Alien: Isolation, and Duke Nukem to name a few.
  • ViniBTViniBT476,201
    Posted today at 02:54
    Just a heads up: an update for Running Fable has just been made available, supposedly fixing the achievements.
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