Game Discussion: Lost: Via Domus

How many people thinks this game is afwul

  • MrEDMeanerMrEDMeaner191,046
    Posted on 10 July 13 at 03:17
    It's not so bad, except for the glitches that turned it into a 6 or 7 hour 1000g instead of a 4 hour....
  • Claycrow17Claycrow17191,386
    Posted on 23 November 14 at 19:13
    I really enjoyed this game. Apart from the smoke monster, the game was fairly easy. This game also got me addicted to Lost, which I have re watched a few times.
  • CayMackCayMack247,074
    Posted on 31 December 14 at 21:35
    I thought there was some pretty flawed game design. Right from the first chapter I remember figuring out that I needed to do something with the fuse panel to get around the back of the plane without it exploding. But you're not allowed to solve the "puzzle" until you speak to Jack and he tells you to fix the fuse panel. I've already figured that out Jack, but I guess I need your permission? And that sort of design continued throughout the game.

    It's the type of adventure game where you need speak to every character and try every item combination until you discover the developer's single, unwavering path through every puzzle.
  • BrasshandeBrasshande1,006,358
    Posted on 03 January 15 at 17:20
    I didn't much care for it, but a quick and easy 1000GS is a quick and easy 1000GS, so you can't really argue with the results. There are definitely worse games out there, but if it weren't for the ease of the achievements there wouldn't be much reason for anyone to play it
  • RCRC274,326
    Posted on 27 February 15 at 03:03
    It was painful to play. The smoke shit was so annoying. Nonetheless, an easy 1000G.
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