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Tons of New WP7 Games Announced at Gamescom

  • litepinklitepink300,832
  • SilentRich69SilentRich69873,595
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 01:11
    A toysoldiers game put in there makes me wish I had a WP7 right now haha.
  • CamTheeGamerCamTheeGamer1,192,955
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 01:12
    These look promising, hopefully more will go out and purchase these phones so more games can come out smile
  • Posted on 17 August 11 at 01:13
    Several of those look great. I'm glad I got a WP7 and would recommend it to anyone. Glad to see a full, live force of games coming to! Any known release dates for any of these yet? That word one looks like something I would enjoy on my phone.
  • Posted on 17 August 11 at 01:13
    Holy. Freaking. Crap.
    Most of those games look absolutely amazing!

    The first one (Bug Village) reminds me of A Kingdom for Keflings.
    The chicken drop looks like some crazy, stupid fun.
    Kinectimals on the WP7. EPIC. =D And imposing them over pics on your camera roll is a great add.
    Gravity puzzles.
    A strategy fighting game? Pure win.
    A schmup that really would work on a mobile.
    And finally, the awesomeness of that Mush game. I love colorful games.

    These all look so fantastic! The WP7 as a pocket system is really becoming serious for mobile gaming and I couldn't be happier! =)
  • Posted on 17 August 11 at 01:14
    Shouldnt they change the name to Windows Phonimals?
    When life gives Chuck Norris lemons, he makes orange juiceI
  • pserafipserafi210,115
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 01:15
    Did you know you have to burn the rope?
  • Cringer85Cringer85332,191
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 01:24
    wow! nice collection of different titles. Now the important question: how many will make it to Europe? I can't see Text Twist make it to Europe, as any other word puzzle game to this date is US only.
  • OrionOrion768,180
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 01:28
    These look great, but I hope they are affordable. Some of these I would be willing to stretch to $5 but $7 to $10 is too much.

    I hope that they keep them low so people will buy them.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 17 August 11 at 01:30
    OfficerBarbrady said:
    Shouldnt they change the name to Windows Phonimals?
    I was thinking the same thing lol
    Looks like I may just get a windows phone after all....can someone give me a job please smilesmile
  • absinthesiaabsinthesia267,768
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 01:33
    It would be good if they started doing more than one title release a week again. Especially with the rate of everything disappearing from the marketplace. I really like the look of the collapse game.
  • Chris8875Chris8875635,476
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 01:55
    Wow - some promising games in there.

    As a note - would definitely recommend the Windows Hpone 7 to anyone ... more than just a "viable alternative" to iPhones and other smartphones - it is a really good interface.

    Have a Samsung Omnia handset and some of the games on there (ilomilo comes to mind) are just stunning. Just as importantly, the functionality of the WP7 set-up, the ease of use of the interface and the appearance are brilliant.

    Have only had the phone for 10 days and already had people asking me about it - generally they think it is an iPhone but my counter to that is: "No, its better than that, its a WP7". That gets them intrigued.

    The only thing that worries me a bit, from an Australian perspective, is that the number of apps in the marketplace for WP7 is a little lacking. Lack of brand recognition here doesn't help, but many of the developers seem to be holding off for the Mango update and other handset manufacturers to get involved.

    Some Australian orgs have come out with good WP7 apps. Kudos to them. Let's hope more do so in the next little while.
  • dorkzilla123dorkzilla123247,706
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 02:00
    Text twist is like word whomp on pogo. Im so glad I have a wp7 =)
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 17 August 11 at 02:08
    nice, better top up the credit card for these...
  • Posted on 17 August 11 at 02:37
    SHOoT 1UP!!!! omg amazing!
  • xPut Name HerexxPut Name Herex1,177,307
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 02:47
    Text Twist! Finally I was really confused when I couldn't find then when I got my WP7. The rest of these games look pretty good too.
    I miss the good old days of WW2 Call of Duty
  • theman72HGtheman72HG269,858
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 03:47
    Dam so happy now lol , ty MS sorry for bitching the other day hehehe
  • DaOverUnderDaOverUnder1,576,583
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 04:20
    I wouldn't suggest the WP7 if you like Geocaching. I spend more then 3/4 my free time Geocaching, and frankly? The WP7 sucks for it. I frequently switch to my android to Geocache. I use my WP7 just for achievements now.
  • BeachemBeachem505,871
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 04:57
    I would really enjoy text twist on my phone! That would be a really fun game to play when bored at work or other places besides home. Can't believe how much more support WP7 is getting but I'm really glad to see it is!
  • MusquitoMusquito806,968
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 05:17
    There are definitely some interesting titles.
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