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Tons of New WP7 Games Announced at Gamescom

  • Posted on 17 August 11 at 06:53, Edited on 17 August 11 at 09:04 by LV 1 Blue SlimePermalink
    A few of these look appealing. I wonder how many of these will stay on the marketplace though...

    or have glitched/unobtainables
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  • TomjehTomjeh1,049,435
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 08:03Permalink
    Kinectimals for WP7!!! My prayers have been answered toast
  • MemoMemo296,669
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 08:58Permalink
    Eeeeexcellent! A few of these look pretty decent!
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  • Whiskey7Whiskey7370,232
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 09:06Permalink
    Some of these look quite nice.

    Don't like the way that Bug Village appears to have in-app purchasing of credits though (top right of screenshot). Money grabbing bastards.

    I would be excited by text twist 2 but I struggle enough typing text messages without error on my HD7. Bit weary that the game could potentially be the same... Sadly as great as the phone is (and it is fantastic), I will always miss having a physical keyboard for certain features.
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    Posted on 17 August 11 at 09:10Permalink
    Likes great but I wish they would fix the ones that don't work properly first
  • Lmsd944Lmsd944264,898
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 10:19Permalink
    When can i get a turn based Final Fantasy / Tales of Style game :(
  • Posted on 17 August 11 at 12:51Permalink
    Nice to see some WP7 love with new titles. Too bad they've pulled the license on some games in the marketplace. Looks like I can't play crackdown project sunburst sadly
  • Posted on 17 August 11 at 13:45Permalink
    i just got my first new phone in nearly ten years. i chose the wp7 for obvious reasons. it's a huge learning curve for me because i had such an old phone from before. but i must say i love playing games on my phone while i wait to do other things. play while my wife drives. while i wait for the movies to start at the theater. just about anywhere and the games are a little cheaper than xboxlive arcade and you still get the 200 acheevo points. so far i have only bought 2.99 games. and the sudoku and minesweeper were free. lovin the ability to easily message friends on live while out and about. also while my or myself play xbox someone else can play the wp7 phone. double up on those achievements!!! and for me fight rivals looks cook cuz i love mma.
  • Posted on 17 August 11 at 14:31Permalink
    I just got me a wp7 a couple weeks ago. Sounds like the Mango update and xbox dash update might be interlinked in some way? Can't wait for some of these either =]
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  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 17 August 11 at 15:38Permalink
    Get ready for Text Twist to be US only due to language issues.
  • Mad HecticMad Hectic449,150
    Posted on 17 August 11 at 21:27Permalink
    Kinectimals! YES!!!
  • SanadaSanada661,757
    Posted on 18 August 11 at 00:15Permalink
    Holy announcements! Kinectimals could be a cool addition to WP7. I would rather play that than the console version for entertainment purposes. Then again it's also easier for your friends to see it and harass you for. Ah just blame it on a girl / your kids. laugh
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  • Chief On KushChief On Kush1,382,182
    Posted on 18 August 11 at 10:10Permalink
    Wow that's a lot of games. They come out with more games per week than the arcade!
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    Posted on 03 September 11 at 18:22Permalink
    Burn the Rope looks fun, as well as most of those other games!
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  • Posted on 14 September 11 at 22:47Permalink
    just got my wp7 and there are some amazing games and some pure crap my money goes to plants vs zombies!!
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