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King of Fighters XIII Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

  • PlasticTIRPlasticTIR113,168
    Posted on 01 August 11 at 10:55
    DivinexFallout said:
    Fake And Gay
    What does that even mean?
    1. No it's real, atlus faithful members got emails about it a while back.
    2. No preorder incentives are inanimate, which means, among other things, no sexual preferences period.

    So yeah, way to go champ, you win today's retard of the internet medal.
  • D UpgreyeDD UpgreyeD140,673
    Posted on 01 August 11 at 14:14
    Hey Retto said:
    I am getting this, hopefully it will be a much better than KOF XII.
    I hope so also, KoF XII made me feel like someone had drugged me and took me out for a fancy dinner and then left me at the restaurant with the bill and no way home.
  • ShinSolidusShinSolidus203,232
    Posted on 01 August 11 at 14:37
    I would be picking this up, but after that last KOF game, I'm not paying full price for their stuff again. Just can't bring myself to plunk down the money for it. I wish I had the willpower to do that with Capcom fight games as well...
  • SanadaSanada675,310
    Posted on 01 August 11 at 19:47
    LOL TIR that was a pretty awesome post. That's pretty much what he does in every thread, I've learned that it's best just to ignore him.

    OT: As long as this game is better than XII I'll be happy. Not to mention a 4 disc soundtrack is pretty beast. As much as I would have liked to see a bonus character or something as well this is a solid bonus to say the least.
    You seem a little furious...
  • Smokin JoeyBSmokin JoeyB133,944
    Posted on 01 August 11 at 19:58
    KitsuneChaos said:
    DivinexFallout said:
    Fake And Gay
    Nice way to be productive there.
    It must be his favourite phrase atm, I've seen him post something similar elsewhere.
    5 feet under
  • Posted on 02 August 11 at 16:19, Edited on 02 August 11 at 16:20 by Sir Ganondorf
    Looking forward to this. I've played all the KoF games back to KoF 94 so the soundtrack is a really cool bonus in my book. Just hope they improve the game from KoF XII as well.
    Posted on 06 August 11 at 22:30
    I wish more publishers would include a soundtrack pack like this. I'd be ecstatic if we got something like this with COD.
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