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Guitar Hero 3

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 29 April 11 at 04:35
    I need help with all the co-op achievements musicmusic
  • Will072Will072283,218
    Posted on 29 April 11 at 07:09, Edited on 29 April 11 at 07:10 by Will072
    Not all of them can be done online, only the score one and note streak ones. The actual completion of Co-op career has to be done locally. :-(

    I would suggest making a session to see if you can find someone to join who needs them also. smile
  • LambsteinLambstein458,673
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 04:08
    I don't know where to write this, but i need help locally (columbus, oh) with a guitar hero 2 chievo. The million point co-op chievo. Message me if you live in columbus, ohio and you are sweet on expert and want to do this. I will buy you chipotle.
    Thanks, Paul
    I am content, but one more achievement couldn't hurt.
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