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Photo Command on video Kinect


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Posted on 11 November 10 at 09:38
Hi everyone,
I see that when you play this game the camera will automically take photos of you during gameplay. However, I would love to know how you take a photo of someone you are talking to when using video Kinect.
When watching the footage of E3, it showed that you can say a command during video Kinect so the camera would take a photo of whoever you may be talking too, so you could use that photo for their contact details.
Any ideas anyone?????
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Posted on 11 November 10 at 12:54
A lot of the video kinect features shown at E3 do not exsist yet, so my guess is that its not there yet (unfortunately) Games i own, want help on any PM me.
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Posted on 11 November 10 at 21:19
yeah plus, what if the person you're playing isn't on your friends list, and they're a fat guy that plays naked or something. Eff that. I don't want it automatically taking his photo. lol.

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Posted on 15 November 10 at 08:06
Plus you need their permission to take their photo if you want to view and use it.
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