Game Discussion: The King of Fighters XIII

king of fighters 13 LAG.

  • anthony2690anthony2690800,185
    Posted on 28 December 11 at 10:50
    I LOVE MY INTERNET SPEED :) BE JEALOUS :D post your speeds below :)

    thats my internet speed. as you can see I have over 18mbs and 0.87 upload yet whenever I play kof 13 online even with people from the next city it lags horribly.

    yet bbcs on zero plays better.... why?
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

  • MomijiMomiji859,206
    Posted on 19 January 14 at 15:12, Edited on 19 January 14 at 15:17 by Momiji
    KOF just has an abysmal netcode, no internet speed can compensate for that
  • FaSCoRPFaSCoRP469,378
    Posted on 22 December 20 at 22:10
    I remember playing this when it launched and the lag was abismal. Fights were at 1/4 or 1/5 of the speed due that.
    Hoping that it will get better when this january became GwG
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