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Posted on 19 May 12 at 21:12
TerreDactyl has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for

TerreDactyl said:
Sonic & KnucklesExtra HedgehogThe Extra Hedgehog achievement in Sonic & Knuckles worth 12 pointsCollect 100 rings.

Yup you guessed it... it's me going for Buggy and collectable again. For the same reasons of; the description doesn't say you need them all on you at one time and you need to specifically collect 100 rings to obtain this.

Sonic & KnucklesExtra! Extra!The Extra! Extra! achievement in Sonic & Knuckles worth 11 pointsEnter a Bonus or Special Stage.

Collectable as per "objects that can be interacted with in the game world" you can interact with the giant rings to enter a chaos emerald special stage or collect 50 rings, holding them all at once and enter a bonus stage by jumping into the stars that appear above it.

Posted on 22 May 12 at 19:13
As neither the normal nor giant rings are unique, the collectible flags have not been added. Extra Hedgehog unlocks when you have 100 rings on the in-game counter so not going to add it as buggy.
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