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Doritos Crash Course Japan 4 in 1:40.

Posted on 10 January 11 at 00:46
I enjoyed it too smile
Wannabe Actuary
Posted on 18 January 11 at 06:24
did japan 4 in 1:31.466, didn't replay it after getting that time/gold

however, my top leaderboard spot is I think for japan 3...I'm 497th, but about the top 425 are glitchers. don't recall what my time was for that course though

I definitely enjoy playing this game, and I'm happy that it turned out to be a completable game. people made it sound impossible at first...I finished it in less than 24 hours without too much trouble
Posted on 09 March 11 at 15:59
I got 1:25 and I'm only ranked #1340 in the leaderboards. However, I can tell you I played the level probably for two an hour and a half straight.
Space Lion
Space Lion
Posted on 23 August 11 at 23:29
This level frustrated me. I replayed this level about 20+ times, learning ways to shorten my time in each section. My time was 1:39.553, less than half a second! It was crazy, but I finally beat it and completed DCC! Now, I just play through the USA levels, shortening my times. dance
Malebolge PL
Malebolge PL
Posted on 17 December 11 at 18:09
Well, to be honest - the Swinging in the rain level was quite frustrating, this one was veeeery easy (only the wheel part was a bit tricky)... I've got this achievement after two tries. Overall great game for free
Malebolge PL
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