Game Discussion: Lost: Via Domus

Walkthrough is a little flawed.

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 12 December 10 at 03:48
    Well so far, I have noticed two things. The first is minor, and that is,
    you can get the achievements, Radzinsky, A Turn Of The Screw, and Desmond's Past, in Chapter 5 when you first enter the hatch rather than waiting until Chapter 6 as the walkthrough states.
    And this is worth editing, the walkthough fails to point out that when raising the blast doors in Chap. 5 you must leave Door A closed in order to get the snapshot of the map on it, instead the walkthrough tells you to raise all blast doors and then get the snapshot.
    It wasted a lot of time to realize that I had to leave that one door down first to find the map, and then go back and raise the door.
    I will post more quirks if I find them, hopefully not. facepalm
  • PatsredsPatsreds146,278
    Posted on 12 December 10 at 03:59
    Thanks for taking the time to point those out, however please do so in the Lost Via Domus Walkthrough Discussion thread.

    Locking as a duplicate.
    When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.
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