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Stupid, stupid Dark Gundam

Haseo ATC
Haseo ATC
Posted on 26 February 12 at 04:55
Does anyone else have major difficulties with fighting the Dark Gundam? Even on Easy it takes me ten minutes to beat it. Which is about twice as long as it takes me to complete the rest of the mission. Fighting it in a non-licensed mobile suit (like a Gouf or Bawoo) is pretty much impossible. If you don't have the Spirit Surge skill you may as well save yourself some time and quit the mission.
The first time I played "the mightiest surface weapon" (where you're a frickin' Zaku Tank) I had to go against the Dark Gundam. It took 20 minutes to weaken it by 50%, at which point it decided to go full out and beat the poo out of me in 30 seconds.
I HATE THE DARK GUNDAM. Any tips for fighting this giant turd?
LV 1 Blue Slime
Posted on 26 February 12 at 15:54
Little Giant increases the damage you do to bigger Gundam like the DG douchebag. I'm trying to remember the other two skills to use...perhaps Pilot Ace and something else? You do know you need to destroy the tentacles not the face, right? If you destroy one of his tentacles, he is stunned for a decent amount of time and you can get some good damage on his face. If you just concentrate on his face that is basically suicide. His stupid fog move that stuns you is ridiculously cheap.

What you want to do is stay out of his bodies' range and concentrate on a tentacle. Bait it into attacking and then when it is weak (has those arrows pointing or whatever) hit it, then repeat until it dies. Don't waste a musou on it though, you need it for the face. Then blitz the face (hopefully with a musou) and then fall back when he gets back up. Repeat until he dies. You can run around and kill peons for musou if need be but you could probably do just fine with the skill that regenerates musou if you'd like (can't remember, maybe that is the spirit surge you mentioned?).
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