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Retro City Rampage Trailer Reveals A Guest Star


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Posted on 31 May 12 at 12:50
A blast from the past

Please click here to read the story: Retro City Rampage Trailer Reveals A Guest Star

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Posted on 31 May 12 at 13:00
Meat boy's mini game better have achievements!
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Barad 007
Barad 007
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Last post: 29 Jan at 18:35
Posted on 31 May 12 at 13:04
Love it!
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TrueAchievements NewshoundTrueAchievements Game Info Editor11,399 posts
Last post: Yesterday at 18:26
Posted on 31 May 12 at 13:07
I'm not sure what to make of this game. Everything I've seen so far has screamed 'yay, retro awesomeness'. But it also gives me a headache.
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Last post: 17 Jul 13 at 17:25
Posted on 31 May 12 at 13:17
just recived the RCR newsletter with the vid like an hour ago. Loved it ! RCR seems to merge together all my childhood with nowadays stuff so seamlessly I probably won't be able to resist 1st day purchase with this one.

Microsoft should have put his money into making this AN EXCLUSIVE instead of the COD temporal exclusive. People who play COD anyways will do on it's fave system regardless DLC comes out a week earlier or not.
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Last post: 12 Apr at 03:10
Posted on 31 May 12 at 13:27
Release this already! I love it more and more with each detail that comes out.
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Last post: 11 May 13 at 23:47
Posted on 31 May 12 at 13:39
i mite get this just for the meat boy part hope he useable in whole game :D
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Last post: 11 Oct 15 at 05:50
Posted on 31 May 12 at 14:42
splosion man now meatboy cant wait to see what other guests they got in this game day 1 purchase for me
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Last post: 11 Dec 13 at 15:34
Posted on 31 May 12 at 15:46
FFS will this ever be released?

I was looking forward to it, like, 2 years ago. HURRY UP AND RELEASE THE DAMN THING.
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Last post: 27 Apr 14 at 10:10
Posted on 31 May 12 at 16:51
Now that is they type of 3-D in video games that I actually give a shit about.

While I'm expecting the price to be 1200 MSP, this will be one of the rare instances where I'll actually pay it (Since it looks like the developers actually made an effort with this game, not just wanting to cash in).
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Last post: 04 Mar at 13:13
Posted on 31 May 12 at 18:15
I love the virtual boy reference hopefully this game will fare better than the virtual boy
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Last post: 31 Oct 15 at 01:32
Posted on 01 June 12 at 05:00
I'm not really sure what to think about this game. I want to like it.

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Posted on 01 June 12 at 13:39
the guy holding that gun looks like Technocop! do a google image search :) one of my fave Genesis games back in the day lots of violence and the epic voice intro to the music "Technocop..... busted!"
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Posted on 02 June 12 at 00:28
Jump right out of a creek!
Teh Paralyzer
Teh Paralyzer
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Last post: 25 Sep 13 at 12:29
Posted on 02 June 12 at 02:22, Edited on 02 June 12 at 02:22 by Teh Paralyzer
Can't wait. Looks fun as hell
MH The Rockstar
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Last post: Today at 02:09
Posted on 02 June 12 at 17:43
Looks rather disappointing to me.
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