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Fez Once Again Dated [UPDATE]

  • Zombie DeejZombie Deej178,257
    Posted on 28 February 12 at 11:55, Edited on 28 February 12 at 12:05 by Zombie DeejPermalink
    I can't believe this isn't out yet.

    I'm worried it's digging its own grave here.. I mean, I heard about this /forever/ ago.. What's the point of PR and promotion if it's not coming out for ages?

    Duke Nukem Fezever.

    Edit: Wow. I just paged back to read the full extent of CounterInsurgent's complaining. Just...Wow. Go spend five years creating something, entirely off your own back and on your own, then decide how much that time was worth to you. Not to mention your entire tirade began with "Admittedly I don't actually know anything about the title I'm bashing."
    No survivor is safe from Zombie Deej!
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 15 April 12 at 19:54Permalink
    What a bucket of bullshit in this thread. Just, bullshit. I am disappoint.
    [12:24:55] drabik: BWT, I don't have any problems with him, I just question his intelligence
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