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XBLA Wednesday: May 23rd, 2012

  • Posted on 22 May 12 at 22:30Permalink
    xXxADRENALiNxXx said:
    How is it that Joy Ride only has 200 achievement points!? Still worth a buy though.
    Yeah I thought it was to have 400GS - I'm sure I read that somewhere. Anyways I'll still most likely pick it up when it's on sale down the track :)
    I like what I like and I don't what I don't.
  • Posted on 23 May 12 at 07:32Permalink
    Deal of the Week is so much stroger than these new releases, unless of ourse you already own all the DOTW then check these out!
  • TombOfAnubisTombOfAnubis894,137
    Posted on 24 May 12 at 02:43Permalink
    anybody else having problems getting the Monster Land achieves to unlock? :(
  • EvilMoominEvilMoomin226,396
    Posted on 24 May 12 at 19:43Permalink
    I'm sure Joy Ride was originally going to be free to Gold Members, before they made it a Kinect game. And now they have the cheek to charge for it.
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