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Madden 13 Ultimate Team trading thread

  • Achilles337Achilles337595,013
    Posted on 17 September 12 at 17:58Permalink
    I couldn't find any post on here about trading cards for Ultimate Team in Madden 13 so i figured I would start this one.

    Post here if you are looking for a certain card or trying to trade what you got.

    I am currently looking for a Samson Satele card - Center for Colts.
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  • ImTheCrewImTheCrew167,638
    Posted on 18 September 12 at 06:05Permalink
    im looking just to have an 85 plus team.... if youre willing to trade ill give you all mine in return plus yours... inbox me.
  • J4CKA1J4CKA1188,499
    Posted on 21 September 12 at 20:01, Edited on 21 September 12 at 20:02 by J4CKA1Permalink
    im looking to get some cards quick and then give them back. i have a few in the 90s and some fantasy cards. just wanna get to 85
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  • Posted on 22 September 12 at 23:33, Edited on 24 September 12 at 17:00 by Wooli89Permalink
    I've got a LOAD of LEGEND cards For sale on my other account. If interested send me a message on TA.
  • Posted on 26 September 12 at 07:23, Edited on 27 September 12 at 21:50 by Wooli89Permalink
    I only have 10 Legend cards remaining feel free to make me an offer:

    TE - Dave Casper - 99 1* - 89 Contracts
    TE - John Mackey 99 1* - 14 Contracts (Super Bowl V Champion)
    TE - Shannon Sharpe - 97 - 10 Contracts
    CB - Dick Lane - 97 - 8 Contracts (Chicago Cardinals Edition)
    QB - Otto Graham - 95 X2 - 9 Contracts/16 Contracts
    LG - Gene Upshaw - 92 - 9 Contracts (Rookie Year)
    CB - Rod Woodson - 92 - 8 Contracts (Rookie Year)
    HB - Walter Payton - 92 - 9 Contracts (Breakout Year) Beast Of A Player.
    WR - Michael Irvin - 92 - 9 Contracts
  • NitrousSpeedNitrousSpeed623,381
    Posted on 07 October 12 at 03:17Permalink
    I want a lot of Coins cause i can't seem to get enough coins to get players i need. If ur willing to help i have a phillip rivers - 53 contracts. Please help me out thanks guys
  • Posted on 07 October 12 at 16:10Permalink
    I would like Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe
  • NitrousSpeedNitrousSpeed623,381
    Posted on 07 October 12 at 17:57Permalink
    xMidget Furyx said:
    I would like Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe
    How much coins would u give for him cause i have the card u want. I need lots of coins to be able to buy cards and complete collections
  • Posted on 07 October 12 at 19:33Permalink
    I want to give you what you think it's worth
  • NitrousSpeedNitrousSpeed623,381
    Posted on 09 October 12 at 08:12Permalink
    xMidget Furyx said:
    I want to give you what you think it's worth

    Idk what he's worth cause people have him on the Auction Block for 3500 to 9000 coins. I will be willing to sell him to u for 2000 coins. I will check and confirm how much he is worth and let u know man
  • Posted on 11 November 12 at 04:27Permalink
    am looking for rod woodson 96 legend anybody could help
  • pliglesiaspliglesias185,669
    Posted on 18 November 12 at 23:37Permalink
    im looking for a few tom brady and drew brees cards to complete some collections... i have more than few golden cards to trade please add me if ur interested and lets talk about it... thanks
  • Posted on 16 January 13 at 05:04Permalink
    I am lookng for LG Evan Mathis from the eagles, rated 97 campus hero
    I will pay up to 8500 coins
    Posted on 02 May 13 at 17:01Permalink
    Anyone willing to help me get to an overall rating of 85?
  • Plec GamingPlec Gaming134,335
    Posted on 01 July 13 at 09:01Permalink
    does any one have the 98 overall drew brees willing to trade
  • WooliBearWooliBear168,550
  • WooliBearWooliBear168,550
    Posted on 27 July 13 at 15:36Permalink
    Also got plenty of gold cards so just send me a message on T.A or XBL if you are needing any.....
  • WooliBearWooliBear168,550
    Posted on 30 July 13 at 17:03Permalink
    Legends gone......
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 23 August 13 at 05:49Permalink
    I am looking for 3 more Cover Vote edition cards. I need Troy Aikman, Darrelle Revis, and Julio Jones. Please help me out here, I don't have much. If nobody can help me out, can anyone give me tips to get coins fast so i can get these 3 cards? What packs can I find CV cards in?
  • Posted on 02 September 13 at 23:31Permalink
    i am looking for any of the halloween collection cards. like the ones you have to find in packs. i would buy or trade for them. i have many legend cards, elite cards, gold cards and a few ghost cards
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