Game Discussion: Naughty Bear

9-4 Top Hat: The Vogue Pirates

  • JamesGames83JamesGames83509,884
    Posted on 29 November 12 at 08:20
    the top hat challenge in the chapter 9 dlc is really starting to irritate me! can't seem to get any better than silver and i just need to gold it to complete the dlc. what's worse is that i'm about a mere 200,000 points away, but as my rage increases with each attempt i fear that's a bigger gap than it may sound. anyone have any suggestions? a certain hat or costume that'll increase my naughty points perhaps? i couldn't find anything too helpful when i looked around the internet,, most just state approximately how many points they had when they hit gold, and say to scare the bears and set traps. well... yeah

    is anyone playing this game other than me?
    There is no spoon
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