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  • Posted on 21 May 12 at 19:30Permalink
    JamP0und32 has just submitted some Game Info for Alan Wake:

    Size In G B change from 6.3000 to 6.23

    JamP0und32 said:
    Source is from the marketplace.
  • Posted on 21 May 12 at 21:23Permalink
    Amended - thanks for your submission.
  • ProscalineProscaline687,734
    Posted on 14 March 18 at 09:18Permalink
    Thanks for the submission, Judge. 'Microsoft Game Studios' was the name of the publisher until 2011 when they dropped the 'game' part. Alan Wake was released in 2010. Based on that, no changes will be made.
  • Posted on 06 April 18 at 21:36Permalink
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