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Deal of the Week: November 22nd, 2010

  • iruhlmaniruhlman251,640
    Posted on 22 November 10 at 19:20
    GHOST WORLD said:
    Pick up the retail disc for £15 a few months ago and got all the achievements in a weekend, Been waiting for these's to go on sale ever since so I'm very happy :)
    same here. Now I see why this gamewasn't included with the 400 MS point offer or maybe its not an MGS title.
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  • Steve RedmanSteve Redman1,259,581
    Posted on 22 November 10 at 20:07
    Not making this mistake again. I am going to wait for a retail disc of this before I fork over $20 just to finish this crap off
  • Posted on 22 November 10 at 20:33
    The other week i thought while i purchased the new titles "There's no way they'll have them on Deal of the Week any time soon."

    Well aint that a kick in the crotch.
  • GRWRGRWR273,603
    Posted on 22 November 10 at 20:57
    Such high price still plus its shocking for G's
    Cheesy Muffins
  • Posted on 22 November 10 at 21:53
  • Posted on 22 November 10 at 22:09
    Heh, I prolly won't get any of these but I looked them up and the first edition pre-owned, on-disc I can get for under $10, which will get me all the ones I wanted and a few more anyways.
  • RadiantViperRadiantViper870,805
    Posted on 22 November 10 at 22:26
    Ohhh ... I'm torn between purchasing the 3 non-disc games or using the points to obtain my sorta-goal of completing 3 Tomb Raider games on the same day. Decisions, decisions ...
  • DefEdgeDefEdge797,823
    Posted on 23 November 10 at 00:08
    I know the feeling about the 3 I'm missing. I saw the game go on disc and thought 'My friends are suckers for buying each game seperately.'

    Then they came out with the 3 other games and I said many swear words.

    Now, they are on sale. I may have to cough up the 15 bones to clear this out, but I heard the 3 games would be on a disc. I doubt they would press another disc just for 3 games unless it will have all 10 of them.

    Probably won't happen, they have the third game out now.
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  • Gunstar RedGunstar Red1,410,410
    Posted on 23 November 10 at 01:25
    I got Connect 4x4, Jenga, and Pictureka to go along with my retail disc. I have to say these 3 games are some of the worst of the bunch. A Jenga video game is beyond pointless. Scrabble is easily the best game here.
    Posted on 23 November 10 at 01:38
    getting Connect 4x4, Pictureka and Jenga to finally finish off FGN... AGAIN!!! Lol

    I'm not holding my breath for these 3 on disc... either it will be more than $15, or it'll be $40+ with all 10 games and I already own the first disc.... if they even come out on disc at all... these games were all part of FGN2 on Wii along with Operation and Bop It! so I'm guessing these will remain download only on 360

    Looking forward to getting FGN3 sooner or later
    Posted on 23 November 10 at 03:15
    Finally down to what they're worth.
  • StarshadeFPSStarshadeFPS564,123
    Posted on 23 November 10 at 06:57
    I got the disc. I only need scrabble.
  • BDSLiVeBDSLiVe48,207
    Posted on 23 November 10 at 07:40
    DamTheLad said:
    Yay. Nothing for me this week. Visa will like this.
    Well I think they are busy enough with all the other purchases that are being made for Black Sunday.
  • RandomnuttaRandomnutta1,230,343
    Posted on 23 November 10 at 08:14
    True Marvellous said:
    Still pissed cant get Scrabble in the EU.
    I know aye shock
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  • Chunkeh MunkehChunkeh Munkeh2,697,394
    Posted on 23 November 10 at 13:43
    Damn u scrabble! another game I have no chance of completing due to being in the wrong country *shakes fist at mattel*
    Chunkeh Munkeh q0.oP
  • footlong1975footlong1975122,040
    Posted on 04 February 11 at 08:00
    can anyone help me out here, i brought jenga off xbox live but will not open up in the game........... i have tried to delete it then redownload it but still no show, not gonna buy any more DLC for this game if its not playable anymore.........HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • GRWRGRWR273,603
    Posted on 09 April 11 at 20:59
    Loved it so much
    Cheesy Muffins
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