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New DiRT 3 Trailer

    Posted on 18 December 10 at 06:12
    This looks awesome! I really need to finish the first one and start the second one, though.
  • BDSLiVeBDSLiVe48,828
    Posted on 18 December 10 at 06:50
    It's time to get a little bit DiRTY.
  • ThijsThijs460,530 460,530 GamerScore
    Posted on 18 December 10 at 09:24
    must have
    if in doubt, flatout
  • Posted on 18 December 10 at 13:08
    P eter van Dam said:
    Nice skills and stuff but this video just demo's the part of the game that i'm afraid is going to suck.

    The nice thing about Dirt was that this racing game wasn't just another forza / gt5 crap almost every racing game does. With the same tracks over and over again. Dirt was special, like racing through a jungle and dirty roads.

    This demo, and the big focus of those trailers lately are just about a square were the action happends, not on hundreds of miles or road. I really hope that this square thing is just 1 minute of gameplay for the game, because I'm not interested in just drifting around and making some donuts. I want to race!
    I agree. I really want a game that focuses on the rally aspect of racing. Yeah it would be fun to do the silly stuff like what Ken Block specialises in but only for a few minutes at a time.
    It was all that dweeb Hot Rod's fault.
  • Posted on 18 December 10 at 16:40
    maiden of haste said:
    not called collin macrae dirt any more then? how disrespectful!!
    Not really, was a bit more disrespectful to attribute his name to the X games in my opinion.
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