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Ace Combat Assault Horizon Soundtrack Sneak Peak

Posted on 30 August 11 at 08:47
Included in the Limited Edition

Fans of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation and the Ace Combat series will tell you part of what makes it so great is the soundtrack. While we were treated with some eye candy this week for the upcoming Ace Combat: Assault Horizon in the form of screenshots, here we have some ear candy with a sneak peak of the soundtrack included in the Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition is still only confirmed for Europe, Japan and Australia / New Zealand at this time. While it looks like North America won't be getting the LE, they'll get Ace Combat: Assault Horizon first when it releases on October 11th, followed by October 13th in Australia and Japan, and October 14th in Europe.
Nv Defines
Nv Defines
Posted on 30 August 11 at 11:23
This game will suck.
Posted on 30 August 11 at 12:18
Thanks for your input there Mr Fineout, you go ahead and carry on playing Hannah Montana.

This game looks great, a quality continuation of an already awesome series.
“A man chooses, a slave obeys.”
Posted on 30 August 11 at 12:26
Cant wait for this...You cant beat the epic Ace Combat soundtracks!
Reina Watt
Reina Watt
Posted on 30 August 11 at 12:39
Hmm, catchy music. I'm tempted to set my pre-order after hearing that, good music can make a lot of difference in a game.
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Ryot Control
Ryot Control
Posted on 30 August 11 at 14:39
I purchased every OST on release date in Japan. This won't be any different. Project Aces knows how to make incredible soundtracks.
Done by me.
Sgt Malarkey Br
Posted on 30 August 11 at 23:31
Nice sneak peak !!! Thanks for sharing !!
Posted on 31 August 11 at 00:08
Just based on the first song alone the soundtrack sounds great.
Badass original score to pilot planes to!
Posted on 31 August 11 at 21:53
Gonna have to pass on this...I suck at flight REALLY bad lol.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 31 August 11 at 23:58
This will suck ass
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